Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is Oracle really quicker on Windows than Solaris?

I installed a 10gR2 on Solaris 5.10 as a development database. The developers here have their own databases on their own P.C. One of the developers queried the speed of the solaris.

As a test I exported his schema and put it in many environments (Solaris and windows 9i and 10g)

To my amazement the windows installations always outperformed the Solaris ones both on initial loading the pool cache and subsequent runs

The test package is rather large (5000+ lines), which is used in a form to display customer details. On solaris I was typically getting an initial return time of 5 seconds and on windows, typically, 1 second.

Even subsequent runs (i.e. cached) the windows outperformed solaris.

The parameter sizes for the SGA were approx. the same and the file systems are the conventional method.

In both cases the disk configuration is local.

So the only difference being the processor speeds and Kernal coding!!!!!


At 3:20 AM, Blogger Herod T said...


I have found in my experience that yes. Windows performs better on comparable hardware than just about any unix box - to a point.

And that is "the point" :)

After only a few concurrent sessions, our entire development team has learned and documented that the windows servers all collapse in a heap. Meanwhile the unix servers, until heavy loading have a much better average query speed.

We have proven this to many vendors who recommend windows but we go with a unix box and they complain.


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